Michael Buttacavoli, CEO

Phone :  8282210080                                                  email : MichaelButtacavoli6@gmail.com

Attended Harvard Medical School Continuing Education (New Science of Resiliency and Its Clinical Applications, September, 2014)

Retreats under the direction of S.N. Goenka and Shinzen Young (shinzen.org).

Greater than 6,000 hours in formal practice.

2004 - practical application climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Ten day trek to summit (19,412 feet) without sleep.  At 18,412 feet experienced severe breathing hardship.  Summoned meditation skills (abilities required for athletic achievement) : observed body sensations (did not respond to them), remained relaxed despite gasping for air, considered fatigue a passing experience, had zero doubt the project would be completed, success or failure was not an issue (in the zone), activated extreme focus in completion with minimum oxygen.

2003 - Published "Create Money Now"

Owner of a successful insurance agency in New York City

B.A. Psychology, Brooklyn College, 1969

Sports mindfulness, llc.